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Slowly I’ll forget why I loved you.
With every hour of no contact,
I’ll miss you.
With every minute of no thought,
I’ll forget you.
I mustn’t complain.
Because forgetting is better than hurting.
But once I fully forget,
once we may never talk again,
I find fear that I may never find love like that again.

A week well spent on the keys, Key West in particular. Loved shooting in the water there and meeting amazing new people. Hope to be back soon! #keywest @aquatech_imagingsolutions #aquatech_imagingsolutions #aquatech  (bij key west)
Whenever I’m sad I think about the time I snapchatted asp saying kittens are better than Nat young, they screenshot it so I tweeted them and they followed me.

balaram | panama
ph: todd glaser

I had a very clear thinking moment after this week in the keys. I finished an abundance of Katherine’s (one of John greens books) on my way back, which is a story about a prodigy child having his eureka moment.

We were back on America’s giant peninsula after spending a week on a collection of Island, and my mind was wondering. And things became clear. I had my own personal eureka moment. As I was having my oh so crystal clear awakening we drove on the turnpike, with a sign above the street reading “Eureka street”.

No joke. I bet you can find it on google maps. Anyways. That was cool.

Halfway Home and I’d rather turn around and go back.

I like the fish in key west, one is sloppy joes in particular. Sad to leave but I’ll be back!

No stop reblogging it wasn’t even done!

Positano by Alin Anghelovici

I never thought I’d be this sad to leave

Advice for People in Their Twenties


1. Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.

2. Getting a degree matters, but getting the right degree matters even more.

3. Leave every job you have on good terms. Do not burn your bridges.

4. See the world while you still don’t have…

It’s amazing how small you can feel in an ocean full of life. Saw so much beauty today. For more of today’s shots go to Ymke franssen photography on fb, or 

@aquatech_imagingsolutions #aquatech_imagingsolutions #aquatech #keywest

Be happy when you feel happy. Feel sad when you actually feel that way. And let the anger be anger when you feel it. Do not let anyone tell you you shouldn’t feel a certain way or to feel at all. Because a feeling is not something you create consciously, you cannot stop nor blame yourself for feeling a way or feeling anything at all. Feel or don’t feel, but do not let people tell you what to or whether to feel.