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Scad card photo:)

In this moment I felt alive. Alive like sitting on the back of a moped with an amazing guy on a vacation I wished didn’t end, alive like going 50 miles per hour on a boat in the atlantic ocean between a small island and America’s largest peninsula, alive like catching a wave that feels bigger than life itself. Wind blowing through my hair, and emotions going wild. I was there. I felt life, I felt alive.
And on that note, goodnight.

check out my photography tumblr. first time announcing it. kinda nervous. k bye.

hey guys! Check out my photography tumblr

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Be happy when you feel happy. Feel sad when you actually feel that way. And let the anger be anger when you feel it. Do not let anyone tell you you shouldn’t feel a certain way or to feel at all. Because a feeling is not something you create consciously, you cannot stop nor blame yourself for feeling a way or feeling anything at all. Feel or don’t feel, but do not let people tell you what to or whether to feel.