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I’m gonna start blogging. Posted my first post.

"was that my phone vibrate or my stomach growl" -story of my life

A place I’d rather be

Facts about happiness:

  • It is proven that money, age, IQ, and physical attractiveness do not cause happiness. That means even poor, dumb, old, and ugly people can be happy. 
  • The United States ranks in the middle of the happiest countries on earth.
  • only 30% of Americans consider themselves happy

So if you want to stand out, be happy. 

would you rather see bones or muscle?
What if we grew flowers instead of hair🌻🌿
Classy life
Shameless post workout selfie. I’m proud of what I have achieved and I feel much more comfortable in my own skin.
Zeal optics through chrisburkard everyone! Check them out!
Ever have one of these days?
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